About Us

Creating & Sharing Value through Data Platforms, Insights and Services to enhance Liveability, Workability and Sustainability for Cities, Communities, Citizens and Industry.

The most successful organisations in the world have built a culture that values data. They leverage their own proprietary data and actively curate other data for their advantage every day. The painful truth is that most organisations struggle to extract value from data.  Most organisations  have yet to participate broadly and deeply in the benefits of data. But as we enter this fourth industrial revolution Cities, Regions and Communities, Industries and Citizens will all depend on our collaborative ability to create and share digital value through data. 

At Civic Analytica, our passion is to work alongside organisations across all sectors to help build a data-driven culture, and help all stakeholders to embrace the opportunities to transform not only their respective organisations, but the ecosystems within which they operate and our shared human experience. 

We live in the age of data and it is time for you to join in!