Advisory & Governance

Digital transformation is vital and remaining agile and adaptable to change is critical for all organisations. Your journey into the digital future is unique and should be carefully crafted and managed to get the most out of the opportunities ahead whilst avoiding the mistakes that could threaten.  Civic Analytica draws from deep expertise and thought leadership, helping Governments, Industry and Community Stakeholders with their strategic technology programs including the design and orchestration of appropriate governance frameworks and  providing advice in relation to ongoing strategy and program execution.

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Architecture & Integration

Designing and deploying technology and data systems in a socio-technical context is complex, especially when this involves multiple stakeholders and diverse functional systems. 

At Civic Analytica we have proven experience working with ecosystems of innovative technology and data vendors and integrators to assist in architecting and curating the appropriate systems to meet your unique requirements. We ensure your implementation is successfully integrated into a broader program architecture and aligned with business processes, organisational structures and stakeholder requirements.

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Data Insights & Enablement

Data is supposed to be "the new oil", yet most organisations have not begun to leverage the value of even their own data assets. Civic Analytica has developed a unique, inclusive and scalable Data Enablement, Engagement & Exchange Program (DEEEP) for Cities, Regions, Industry and Communities. The program features relevant enablement and advocacy functions for building an organisational and community-wide data culture. The program is built on a Civic Data Engagement model which aims to sparks a Data Economy that empowers you and the ecosystem within you operate to collaborate with and extract value from data. 

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