If Cities, Regions and Industry are to be successful and remain relevant over the coming years, they need to extract value from data!

You need data to make better decisions, to inform the development of new products and services, to design and maintain better infrastructure and equipment, to adapt with new business models, to craft better strategy or policy, to streamline your engagement with partners and suppliers and you need agile data to rapidly innovate with intelligence. 

And the value of data grows exponentially the more diverse the data, the more it is being used and the more stakeholders are collaboratively using it. You need to leverage that! 

But how do you do all this? How do you start getting value from data? How can you easily get access to the data you need, when you need it? Do you have to employ lots of data scientists? How can you monetise your data assets?  How do you use data to work with your close partners and other stakeholders? How do you stake out your position in the new Digital Economy?

Until now it's just been too difficult.

But getting value from data doesn’t have to be hard. You don’t have to fail slow and fail expensively. 

You don’t have to fail at all! 

Our Data Exchange is a unique  platform, that makes data easy!  It's delivered "as-a-service" and provides the virtual infrastructure that enables any ecosystem of stakeholders to privately and securely collaborate with data and create and share digital value. You don’t have to embark on a technology project to get value from data or struggle to get access to the data you need to make better decisions. You don’t have to build a new data warehouse or data lake, and spend 80% of your time just getting the data or hiring a team of data scientists. The Data Exchange supports agile data. It makes the work you do with data faster - much, much faster, and cheaper, safer and better. It's designed for any type of data, built to scale on-demand and gives data owners full control with granular entitlements and tight security. 

Subscribe, buy, sell, share, collaborate, transform, export, integrate…..the Date Exchange supports everything you need to get value from data.


The Data Exchange is a secure (GDPR Compliant), massively scalable, platform built on enterprise-grade architecture cloud-hosted locally in Australia, with consumer-grade user interface for agile data collaboration across any organisation or ecosystem of organisations:

Publish & Control

  • Democratise the benefits of data by put the power of data into the hands of the data owner, allowing any organisation participating in a data ecosystem to publish its data assets 
  • Cater for publishing of any digital content – traditional data files as well as any digital content (video, pdf…etc.)
  • Invite as many organisations of any size and sector to participate in the ecosystem and publish their respective data assets.
  • Static or dynamic data allows your data products’ to update within the platform to ensure the latest data is available for you and your partners to access
  • GDPR complaint with enterprise-grade encryption and security to ensure the privacy and integrity, and fully aligned with the Five Safes framework.
  • One platform for all data requirements - granular entitlements regime to enable every data owner to set specific rules on every data product relating to who can access the data, and how they can use the data – keep data to just one individual in an organisation or a specific group of individuals, keep data within your organisation being shared between departments or for access by every department, shared data with a small nominated group of people or organisations, or open data to anyone in the ecosystem.
  • Multiple Publishing mechanisms including containers, drag & drop
  • Hosted in Australia to ensure no Data Sovereignty issues
  • Dynamically apply data licensing to your data products from your library of licences.

Store & Share

  • Beautiful and intuitive “app store” interface provides “Agile Data” to make it easy for every user to search for and access data in the ecosystem.
  • Advanced search function makes finding data quick and easy.
  • Create Data Products published by a data owner have detailed information on data including metadata, charts, data dictionary and preview to give collaborators a good understanding of the value of your data assets.
  • Subscribe to data products with a single click.
  • Ratings on data products from other ecosystem users and app store style categories for “Trending”, “Most Popular”, “Largest Publishers” etc.

Collaborate & Innovate

  • Use the “Spaces” function within the platform to collaborate and innovate with data –
  • A secure, scalable, part of the platform that allows you to bring people, data and tools together.
  • Access open and licenses data analytics tools via pre-built integrations to do all your data work on platform where appropriate.
  • Easily work with the largest files, regardless of the size of the data sets.
  • Build engineered or derived data products collaboratively
  • Publish engineered data products back into the ecosystem to share your insights or data models and have these data products update dynamically as the data sets you subscribed to for creating the insights update.
  • Leverage “crowd-sourced” innovation by inviting start-up’s and innovators into the ecosystem to innovate with your data.
  • Empower researchers and educators to use a “Data First” approach to make better decisions.
  • Shared infrastructure means ecosystem partners can really “fail fast and cheap”, getting the answers to their questions before investing hours and days.

Manage & Monetise

  • The platform establishes a Data Economy using “free-market” principles to leverage the power of markets in scaling economic participation and output.
  • The platform is a market-place enabling each data owner to set a price for their data products or offer them free of charge.
  • Innovators are incentivised to work with data by “marking up” the data products they create and publish back into the ecosystem, where the original data product owners they used automatically get paid whenever the innovators engineered data product is purchased.
  • Platform, users can manage every aspect of their use of data and establish the productivity of their teams.
  • Revenue sharing opportunities exist within the commercial model for the platform enabling our clients to monetise the platform.

Extract & Reports

  • Granular Reports on your activity (cost, revenue, product, security) are made available to you as data products too so you can track and manage your usage. 
  • The platform offers a number of secure export methods to bring data off platform subject to entitlements to be used with external applications and back-end systems.
  • Data owners can monitor the use of their data products.

The Data Exchange is more than software, more than a platform. It’s a trusted data community of diverse stakeholders - Cities, Governments, Industry, Small Businesses, Academia and even Citizens - empowered to extract value from data and compete in the new data economy. 

This is your invitation to join the "Internet of Data" and without the upfront costs usually associated with this level of capability.

We look forward to welcoming you!