If Cities, Regions and Industry are to be successful and remain relevant over the coming years, they need to extract value from data!

You need data to make better decisions, to inform the development of new products and services, to design and maintain better infrastructure and equipment, to adapt with new business models, to craft better strategy or policy, to streamline your engagement with partners and suppliers and you need agile data to rapidly innovate with intelligence. 

And the value of data grows exponentially the more diverse the data, the more it is being used and the more stakeholders are collaboratively using it. You need to leverage that! 

But how do you do all this? How do you start getting value from data? How can you easily get access to the data you need, when you need it? Do you have to employ lots of data scientists? How can you monetise your data assets?  How do you use data to work with your close partners and other stakeholders? How do you stake out your position in the new Digital Economy?

Until now it's just been too difficult.

But getting value from data doesn’t have to be hard. You don’t have to fail slow and fail expensively. 

You don’t have to fail at all! 

Our Data Exchange is a unique  platform, that makes data easy!  It's delivered "as-a-service" and provides the virtual infrastructure that enables any ecosystem of stakeholders to privately and securely collaborate with data and create and share digital value. You don’t have to embark on a technology project to get value from data or struggle to get access to the data you need to make better decisions. You don’t have to build a new data warehouse or data lake, and spend 80% of your time just getting the data or hiring a team of data scientists. The Data Exchange supports agile data. It makes the work you do with data faster - much, much faster, and cheaper, safer and better. It's designed for any type of data, built to scale on-demand and gives data owners full control with granular entitlements and tight security. 

Subscribe, buy, sell, share, collaborate, transform, export, integrate…..the Date Exchange supports everything you need to get value from data.


We’ve created a Data Exchange “Platform-as-a-Service” where users of any ability can easily work with data, and do so at scale with a consumer-grade experience underpinned by enterprise-grade capabilities.


Data is imported via a streamlined Publish process that helps users rapidly turn their datasets into fully-packaged data products which are available to anyone in the ecosystem to subscribe to and buy with a single "click".


The Store is a consumer-grade "App Store" experience where data products are  available.  You can see "Recently Added", "Most Popular" or "Trending" data sets you may like to use and you get a "data dictionary" with every data set so you can understand exactly what you're getting, and then subscribe to the data with just one "click".


You can collaboratively engineer data in massively scalable and highly-secure Spaces with a defined group of stakeholders you're collaborating with and publish outputs back to the store where the "Insights" you've generated are available to for the broader ecosystem to subscribe to, and where you can monetise the data innovation you've done.


You can Extract data directly from the platform, via secure endpoints, or transfer it to other tools via pre-built integrations to make it easy for you to use the data with your favourite data tools.


Granular Reports on your activity (cost, revenue, product, security) are made available to you as data products too so you can track and manage your usage.

The Data Exchange is more than software, more than a platform. It’s a trusted data community of diverse stakeholders - Cities, Governments, Industry, Small Businesses, Academia and even Citizens - empowered to extract value from data and compete in the new data economy. 

This is your invitation to join the "Internet of Data" and without the upfront costs usually associated with this level of capability.

We look forward to welcoming you!